MARK8 was created with a focus on your business

and we do this through focusing on modern purchasing trends - while respecting our industry's history.

What is being onbrnd?


Your brand is your uniquely competitive advantage. It is the message you have individually crafted. It is the message that has built client trust and relationships.


The need to stay on brand is the very reason why they lean on you. Their brand is their identity and is reiterated on everything associated with their business.


Being on brand means creating tools that allow you to personalize your sales and marketing while elevating your customer experience.

How it works

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You and your personal connection to your business - that is the competitive advantage you have with your clients. You uniquely understand their branding strategy and know best what to do with the new information you collect.

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Keeping your client on brand is only part of the challenge, you must be as well. With this program, you will customize your brand while engaging buyers and prospects through the use of emails, landing pages, and catalogs.

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Mobile Tools

Business today is mobile – and if you aren’t, then your business will be left behind. This is the mobile connection that reinforces relationships -- while keeping clients on brand with re-ordering, custom pricing, special offers, and direct notification.

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Price Flexibility

With benefit pricing, from top industry Suppliers, you are empowered to price according to your clients:

  • Client shops you? Price aggressively

  • Client buys on relationship? Maximize your margin

  • Client slow to sign? Be creative with the offer.

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These are the tools needed for a Distributor to compete in the modern marketplace. It marries modern resources with age-old tested sales tactics -- because behind everything is you and what you make remarkable in your client relationships.

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Multiple Touch-Points

Your brand is defined by your relationships. We offer a market tested platform that connects mobile notifications, updates, and new product alerts with email messaging, customized Supplier flyers, and personalized landing pages.

Build your personalized package!

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GAIN access to TRULY competitive pricinG

PromoEQP was designed to be a simple month-to-month subscription program, that offers access to a specifically cultivated list of over 100 of the industry's top-tier Suppliers. With PromoEQP you have to their corporate pricing programs.

All that without strings, obligations, or threat of losing access to your personal brand!



  • Client exclusivity

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Competitiveness in the digital marketplace

BRND is the industry's only native app sales platform - designed to be with your business today and grow with you into the future.


EFFECTIVE Email MarketinG

Think of email as the digital Yellow Pages. The difference today is that an email is designed to grab the users attention. Emails allow potential buys to click through to a business landing page where the can see the full story.

Designed to follow simple "Click & Drag" functionality, BRNDed Email & Landing Pages emulate the functionality of expensive marketplace staples.



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