Crafting a marketing message that connects with your brand's identity.

BRNDed is our solution to making the marketing and sales process human again and more personal. By treating clients like people and providing solutions that meet their interests you will quickly become the partner they rely on. You will be able to unique address - and help realize - their branding goals.


Mark8 builds out tools with the firm appreciation that our industry's power and strength is defined by the human element.




Email marketing is a fact of life for the modern business.

Think of email as the digital Yellow Pages. The difference today is that an email is designed to grab the users attention. A single "click" has enough information behind it to keep you informed of a client's:

  • Pricing profile
  • Product interests
  • Corporate event calendars
  • Recognition programs
  • Promotional needs

BRNDing Pages

Emails allow potential buys to click through to a business landing page where the can see the full story.

Designed to follow simple "Click & Drag" functionality, BRNDed Landing Pages emulate the functionality of expensive marketplace staples. You are able to create and customize landing pages without having to hire a web designer.

Building out client or prospect landing pages are able to live separately from your corporate site. Providing you with the benefits of speaking directly to your audience without worrying about accidental visitors.



ePages is a complimentary resource in all of our programs. Providing e-flyers and relevant information from trusted Suppliers is an industry standard. Our ePages are a fluid and consistently updated lifeline of digital flyers and catalogs.

As a standalone program, you can customize and download Supplier flyers and digital catalogs. These downloads are available to be used as email attachments or idea generators for clients and prospects.

ePages connect the final dots to keep you completely BRNDed.


Combining BRNDmail and BRNDing Pages enhance the client information you are collecting. Utilizing both approaches means identifying trends and details interest that would have otherwise been unavailable to you.



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