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Streamline your client's relationships

Centralize your supplier partnerships

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Be what you were meant to be and keep your clients brand onBRND.

You have always heard that you have to be constantly sending clients new ideas in order stay relevant. The truth is more than 60% of the time businesses reorder existing items - and that number increases the longer you do business with a client.

BRND was designed to capitalize on your successful orders, while also taking your client relationships to a whole new level of connection and communication.


So, what's included?



This is a running library of your client's previous purchases. Featuring:

  • One-step reordering
  • Customer fields to update information
  • Enhanced mobile experience


Each app is designed to be unique to each client. This means you are able to offer unique products directly to your client matched with "relationship pricing" that only your client can see.



Personalized push notifications to individual clients or a group of clients allows you to make clients aware of:

  • Product production updates
  • New uniquely created offers
  • Scheduled reorder reminders




Let suppliers work for you. Deals are client-safe marketing pieces created by the Suppliers and then pushed out to your clients - with all of the leads and interested being funneled directly to you. This will keep you informed of a client's interest in:

  • New product introductions
  • Seasonal offerings
  • Unique product options

A fully functional distributor interface that doesn't force you to change the way you work!


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